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Grand Summer Tournament 2022 at the Palace

Klickt hier für die deutsche Version. Dear friends of the Palace, We relish this summer which is why, just after the Summer Tournament, we are bringing the Grand Summer Tournament to the arena of the Palace of Cards! This Saturday, August 13, ...

08. August

Save the Dates: Next Official Tournaments in 2022

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29. July

Problem With Facebook App Mau Mau

Klickt hier für die deutsche Version. UPDATE: You can reach the Mau Mau Palace via Facebook again! We were able to resolve the issue with Facebook, and all should be working smoothly now. Have fun and a good hand! Dear friends o ...

20. July


Whist School

Come and learn everything about Whist here. This is your entry point for info about the card game Whist and the Whist rules!

Our Players’ Achievements

When enough tables were played, you will find the live statistics and league statistics here.

Play Whist Online

Welcome to the Whist Palace! We have the popular game Bid Whist online and ready for you. Join and play Whist online for free!

Whist Palace is created by Spiele-Palast GmbH, giving the joy of playing cards a digital home. We equip the Whist card game with many exciting features to provide long-lasting fun and ever-new challenges!

Online Whist Competition

Play Whist online with friends at the Whist Palace: You will be part of our free league system and automatically collect experience points! With these, you get to level up bit by bit. Who will reach the top first?

While playing Whist online, check out the competition area featuring clubs to connect with like-minded players and come out on top together in the club league! Or compete with skilled players:
Play Whist online in tournaments, seeking the jackpot filled with Chips!

Whist Card Game

Whist is a true trick-taking game for two partnerships where you try to win as many tricks as possible to finally gain points and win!

Our online Bid Whist has additional components, such as a bidding phase, different game types, Jokers, and a kitty, making the game more exciting and intricate.

To play the Bid Whist card game, you need four players and a deck with 54 playing cards – 13 ranks in four suits plus two Jokers. Traditionally, we use the American Poker pattern pack.

When playing our Bid Whist online game, dealing is taken care of. Then, you are guided through the bidding phase, the actual trick-taking, and the scoring in Bid Whist.

In short: Each player usually receives twelve cards. The rest becomes the kitty. During bidding, you compete for the opportunity to decide the game type and pick up the kitty. And during trick-taking, you aim to play the strongest card to win the trick and fulfill your bid. That way, you gain points and finally win the Whist game! Of course, you can find more details in our Bid Whist manual and explanations in our Whist glossary.

Free Whist Game

Enjoy Whist free, online, and easily. You can play free Whist on mobile devices in our app without creating an account, for example.

Our online Whist game provides the automated game search: You get placed at a table by pressing the Quick Match button. Alternatively, you can select a table by hand.

Learn to play Whist with the game’s tutorial. And if any questions occur while playing, you can turn to the Whist game help at any time – nothing can stop you when playing Whist online!

We want you to play Whist online as you like it best! Thus, Whist Palace is available cross-device and cross-platform:

  • as a browser game
  • as Windows software
  • via Amazon
  • as an iOS app
  • as an Android app
  • as a Huawei app

In addition, all our games support portrait and landscape mode on mobile devices.

Whist & Privacy

Our primary focus is the joy of playing and the competitive spirit! Success in Whist requires game experience, clever strategy, and a little bit of luck from time to time! So, you should not be bitter about occasionally losing a game.

As Whist Palace is an online game, there are various settings to protect your privacy. That way, you are in control of your Whist game even if you come across a black sheep in the Whist community: If anyone acts unfairly or improperly, you can report them or contact our service team with the table ID.

Our support team will help you if you need assistance. We see into all games and check every case. Reach out to us at any time at support@whist-palace.com.

Fair Whist Game

We want all players to have equal chances at the Whist Palace! We are using a completely proof method for shuffling cards to ensure optimal results and rule out any manipulation.

Our method is tested and approved by an independent institute. We take these measures to provide conditions as equal and fair as possible for all games and players at the Palace. For fair online Whist!

Let’s make it work: Whist online with friends. A game’s community always has an impact on fairness. And as a player of online Whist, you automatically contribute: Appropriate behavior towards your fellow Whist players and maintaining your composure ensure the gaming fun for everyone!

Online Card Games

We are presenting the Whist card game online on this page. But if you want to explore more than Whist online, we got you! Try one of our other high-quality realizations of online card games, which built a vivid player community.

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For a different style, deplete your hand in shedding games, such as Canasta, Rummy, and Mau Mau, or apply patience and strategy in Spider and Klondike Solitaire.

Of course, like any game by the Palace of Cards, our online Whist comes with English language settings in-game.